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The Kitchener Trail
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 4.6/5)

Trail details

Grade of Trail:

  • Difficult

Length of trail:

8 miles

Trail is currently open

Cycling map


Trail description

The Kitchener Trail is named after Lord Kitchener the famous General of WW1.

The Kitchener Trail flows through forest linking broadleaf and pine woodland with Heathland and clear fell. The trail is virtually 100% singletrack the only time your tyres hit fire road is when you cross one to hit the next section.

What we may lack in elevation, we try to keep you flowing with berms and rollers with a nice mix of rocks and roots that give the trail its red grading. At 13km long, it is fast and a challenge to ride at differing times of the year and is a great introduction to riding singletrack for riders wanting to progess.

"It's exactly what a Red trail should be: Rewarding, Flattering and Entertaining' (Trail Centre Focus, MBR Magazine, Summer 2016 Issue)

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

2nd visit today, new to this myself but was very able on a bmx many moons ago so myself and my and my Mrs did the blue 1st visit and all the red today, very wet weather but what a great couple of hours. We took our time as didnt know the course but loved it. We did see someone clearing litter and on one of our stops did see some empty bottles on the side so actually took the time to put them in our bag till back at the car park. We could all help to keep the place clean, I dont understand anyone littering but obviously some folk dont think the same. Overall there was very little rubbish, the trail was great, got some nice speed in places although the weather did hinder me a little as Im on a hybrid Specialized but just upgraded the tyres so more suitable. Cant wait to come back, excellent facility and parking is a bargain when you think just how much a place like this costs to maintain and improve......thanks for all the hard work done by all involved....

Carl, 15/Mar/2018
5 Stars 5 Stars

Hi SteveC glad you like Pines, I'm also a pass holder (Sherwood Pines) and when you take out a pass with FC it is explained that's it's for use on one site only, I frequent Cannock Chase and have to pay parking there, don't visit enough to need a pass 'yet'.

As for family visitors to Pines, sorry but they are just as entitled to ride the trails as you/me and everyone else, please ride with care and consideration for other users young and old it is after all a public facility.

I do agree with you on the matter of rubbish, it is unpleasant, but it's not the FC's problem or job to clean up behind these people, but they do, if you see someone littering please ask them to pick it up and take it home.

Enjoy your future visits, speak to a local/regular to point out some of the off piste areas.

Christopher, 16/Feb/2018
5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic facility. Went for the first time this weekend and really enjoyed. Spent the day doing all the trails and really enjoyed the red Kitchener trail and the downhill sections. Nothing very extreme but still plenty of challenge. A few observations though. First why is my Forestry Freedom Pass from Fineshade not useable for parking at Sherwood? I can only park in one car park at a time and am supporting you with an annual pass.

Second you really need to keep families and those clearly not experienced to ride red and blue trails off them. On more than one occasion yesterday I nearly wiped out small children and yummy mummy that were clearly out of their depth. They are an accident waiting to happen and cause carnage with people backed up. The entrance to every red trail segment should clearly be signposted with your signs highlighting the skill and risk level and stating they are unsuitable as a family trail.

I will echo what other people have said about rubbish, youhave to realise there are just some disgusting people out there who will dump rubbish and resign yourselves to doing a litter patrol. We all wish that people acted responsibly all the time but sadly its not always the case and the rubbish mars the beautiful facility.

The bike jet wash is absolutely genius. The cafe is excellent if a bit pricy but otherwise this is an amazing facility and show cases whit the FC can do to manage this natural resource and leverage it for public enjoyment. It will be a regular visit for us now.

SteveC, 5/Feb/2018
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