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'The Loop' MTB skills area
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  • Moderate

Length of trail:

1 miles

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Trail description

3rd leg - Step drop and option. Mountain biking skills area. Hamsterley Forest

This is a purpose built MTB training loop. It is designed with skill development in mind to push your mountain biking to a new level. The Loop contains a multitude of features and riding options, some built in stone to mimic natural trails and others from timber in the North Shore style. Each feature has a skills tips board containing information to help perfect your technique. When you reach the bottom you can either exit The Loop or go back to the top via the climb trail. The training loop is aimed at anybody confident at riding Blue Grade trail or above, but beware it contains features of all grades from Blue to Black. The trail is not suitable for occasional/family cyclists and all riders are advised to wear suitable personal protective equipment.

What do other visitors say?

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Needs more Sign Posting to trails eg transmition etc

Will, 18/May/2017
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Why is there no wooden features on the skills loop

Matt, 14/Jun/2016

Timber features were removed from the skills loop as they were at the end of their useful life. They have not been replaced as timber structures are not common on our trails with features generally built with stone for longevity.

Forestry Commission Response

On your general over view of the forest is shows that there is a green, blue, red and black cycle route. I can find detailed individual maps of all the routes except the green route. I was wondering if you had a copy of the green route and if so could you please e-mail me a copy?

Kind Regards

Sara Summerson

Sara Summerson, 20/Mar/2015

The Green Cycle trail is no longer waymarked as in places it did not fall within the grading for an 'easy' trail. You can of course still cycle the route if you want. The maps will be revised this year to show all changes to the MTB network.

Forestry Commission Response

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  • Mountain biking
  • Cycle wash
  • Gradient (moderate)


OS Grid ref: NZ092312
Postcode: DL13 3NL

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