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Red Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail
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Grade of Trail:

  • Difficult

Length of trail:

14 miles

Trail is currently open


Trail description

Cyclists riding the Lonesome Pine mountain bike trail in Kielder Forest                A trail for real adventurers who want to spend the day exploring the further reaches of the forest. The route follows the Blue Trail to the Grove before heading into the wider forest on a mixture of forest road and singletrack. Superb views await at the top of the forest overlooking Eggleston Moor before returning to the Grove via the Euden Beck on breathtaking stretches of singletrack.

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What do other visitors say?

3 Stars 3 Stars

There was not enough singletrack for the extensive amount of fireroad. At the start,you went uphill for almost 2 hours with no singletrack or downhill. A good route for people with unlimited stamina and patience. I did the route in snow and ice which I would HIGHLY dis-encourage, this made the normally fun and fast sections slow and dangerous. We will be coming back for the Downhill Descent and the singletrack sections of the red route but will not be doing the whole red perimeter route.

Jacob, 17/Feb/2018
4 Stars 4 Stars

First time here, good sections with the right amount of technical features that flow great (I went on the Black and Red Sections). However, I would advise looking at the map to avoid some of the lengthy fire roads. All the routes are clearly marked. Definitely coming back sometime soon.

Anonymous, 20/Jan/2017
2 Stars 2 Stars

Too much fire road not enough single track.

Mark Fyles, 4/Jun/2016

Work to increase the distance covered by single track is ongoing, but as you can imagine building several miles of trail is a lengthy and costly process. With a map and some half decent navigation skills, riders can miss out large sections of forest road if they wish and concentrate their riding on the single track sections

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