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Natural Capital Account 2016-2017

In 2016 Forest Enterprise England produced the country’s (and we think the world’s) first Natural Capital Account (NCA) for an organisation of our scale.

An NCA provides a structured and transparent way of quantifying the full value of the services provided by the natural assets in our care and the impact of our management of them. The account reflects both value to the organisation and wider society, providing a broader perspective compared to traditional financial reporting.

What's new?

  • In July 2017 we published our Natural Capital Account for financial year 16/17.
  • We will be working on including the value of additional benefits like air pollution or flood mitigation in future years’ accounts
  • We will be trialling whether adding natural capital factors into some of our internal processes helps our decision making
  • We’re setting up an FEE steering group to help decide on some of the ‘new’ things we can use natural capital for, and so we can keep tabs on what different parts of the organisation are doing in relation to natural capital.

For more information contact Miranda Winram

Last updated: 2nd August 2017