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Tawny Owl chick

Tawny Owls at Grizedale

Female Tawny owl having a health checkOver the last 15 years at Grizedale our Wildlife Ranger Iain Yoxall has been running a tawny owl nest box scheme throughout the forest.

He has 50 nest boxes in a variety of locations and monitors them every year for occupation, eggs, chicks and fledged chicks.

In early spring he will check the condition of every box and either repair or replace any that are damaged. Then he will make his next visit early April to check for any signs of occupation. Once he has established that the boxes are in use and have eggs he will schedule his next visit, for when he expects the chicks to hatch.

Checking a Tawny owl ringWhen the chicks are still in the box he will catch the female using a net and check whether or not she has a ring on her leg. He will also weigh her and measure her wing length, he does find that some of the birds he is catching were ringed at Grizedale when they were chicks.

Tawny owl chicks at Grizedale.He will take the chicks out of the nest box when they are big enough, weigh them, measure their wing length, and also put a numbered ring on their legs recording the ring number to send to the RSPB to be stored.

Wildlife habitat manager measuring and ringing barn owl chicks. Once he has done this he will put the chicks and the female back in the box and leave them safe and sound, until they fledge and go out into the big wide world.


Last updated: 16th June 2017

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