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The Long View

Glencoyne Over two years Rob and Harriet Fraser have walked repeatedly to seven lone trees in Cumbria and spent time with them in all seasons, all weathers, night and day.

This exhibition of photographs, poetry, video and installations reveals a deepening relationship with these trees and the land they overlook, and is an invitation to pause and share the wonders of the arboreal world. 

The Long View – Artists statementLangstrath
We met in 2009. Within a couple of weeks, we discovered that we had each climbed and sat in the same lone sycamore on Whitbarrow scar, and counted this tree among our favourites. We inevitably began to talk about why we are drawn to trees, and what it is about them that inspires us creatively. From this point, The Long View emerged : repeated walks to and encounters with the same seven trees over two years, resulting in photographic images, writing and installations inspired by trees and our immersion in the landscape.

It took us five years to select the seven trees which stand, points in a constellation, across Cumbria. We have spent many hours being still with them: in all weathers, all seasons, day and night.

We chose to call the project The Long View to reflect the length of ‘tree time’ and the importance of looking back and forward through an unfolding of history and land use when making choices about environmental care and resource use. The name also reflects the views that the seven trees afford over the Cumbrian Landscape.



Last updated: 26th April 2017

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