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Oak processionary moth resource toolkit

A range of tools designed to help our partners deal with OPM and communicate the issue.


These items are available to help communicate effectively and raise awareness of OPM.


The following items are for people and organisations who have a role in managing and controlling OPM.

  • OPM Manual – advice and guidance for oak tree owners, including how to look for and manage OPM infestations, and safety advice.
  • Guide to survey and intervention in relation to the lifecycle of OPM – detailed explanation of control measures related to different stages of the insect’s development.
  • Guide to pheromone trapping– technical advice for people and organisations who would like to help us monitor the distribution of OPM by trapping adult male moths.
  • Guide to best practice when handling and moving oak material – essential guidance for tree surgeons, foresters and ground-care professionals about the regulations and best practice applying to handling and moving oak material in the affected areas after felling or pruning trees.
  • OPM Contingency Plan – the core guidance followed by government organisations and partners when responding to outbreaks of OPM.
Last updated: 21st October 2017