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Complaints and Appeals

We treat complaints and appeals in different ways because we consider that we are able to manage your concern more effectively, if we clearly understand what your problem relates to. To identify whether you have a complaint or an appeal please use the following guidance:

  • A complaint will normally be linked to an activity we are undertaking or a service that we are providing. This can be connected to the direct management of the Public Forest Estate (land managed by the Forestry Commission’s Agency, Forest Enterprise), or as a result of our role in the management of other woodland, in particular the control of tree felling and the encouragement of sustainable woodland management.

    If you are considering making a complaint then please see our complaints page.

  • An appeal will almost exclusively be linked to decisions that we take either in connection with the incentives (grants) we administer, or through our regulatory role, primarily the control of tree felling, but also the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations. These decisions will be based in legislation, both UK and European, or will be linked to an individual scheme rules. The applicable legislation or scheme rules will often set out an appeals process which must be followed. In some cases the appeal is not made to the Forestry Commission.

    If you are considering making an appeal against any decision we have made then please see our appeals page.


Last updated: 31st January 2018