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Stuff Left Lying Around

Interesting things are often tidied up, removed or burned. It’s amazing how children love to pick up and play with the most simple things.

How to build

  • Don’t immediately clear things away. They could be used for play if presented in a different way or left in a different place. Many forest visitors unfamiliar with the outdoors are fearful of doing something wrong and so are unsure if they can move things or if they may leave recognisable paths and walk into the woods.
  • Try offering a pile of sticks with a temporary notice saying: ‘Free stick to all forest walkers. Pick your own’ or ‘Christmas pine cones: a free gift from the Forestry Commission’.
  • You can invite people to add to an existing pile (see ‘Idea 32: Ideas and questions through signs’).
  • A further step might be to contain the objects within a log arrangement.

Other worthless things to leave lying around

Branches, leaves, cones and pebbles.

Last updated: 8th March 2016

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