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The  FBU consists of two units:


Organisational Review

The business units were reviewed mid-2010 to improve the delivery of services to internal customers and increase the units' effectiveness and efficiency. The outcomes of this review are: 

  • Forest Civil Engineering Operations – will be reorganised into three main parts, each under the management of one of the three countries. This will allow for closer working arrangements between customer and provider, provide some cost savings, and allow countries to identify greater efficiencies.
  • In addition a small central Civil Engineering team will be retained to provide overall guidance and advice to countries. This team will also provide a central Civil Engineering design capability. 
  • Bridge manufacturing – we will look at licensing our approach to a private company or companies. 
  • Radio and Electronics – will transfer to Information Services which provides a more natural home for the unit’s activities and the skills of its staff.
  • It was agreed in principle that mechanical engineering workshops, fleet management, nurseries, seed collection and supply could be outsourced. However, the Executive Board asked for further exploration and analysis of the options before taking a final decision to establish whether a feasible case exists.  
Mechanical Engineering Services office, Stirling

What's of interest

Forestry Business Units contribute towards implementing sustainable forest management from a 'greening' use of resources such as alternative lubricants, fuels, chemicals, pollution controlled operations and wind energy.

Forest Business Units leaflet (PDF)

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