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Woodland Management Grant

EWGS is now closed to any new applications - documents listed on this webpage are for reference only


Woodland Management Grant (WMG) aims to encourage low key, sustainable woodland practice.  It isdesigned to protect the delivery of exisiting public benefits and improve a woodland's capacity to create more.

The objectives are:

  • to contribute to the additional costs of providing public benefits that arise from meeting the UK Forestry Standard (PDF 31MB) for sustainable woodland management;
  • to protect, increase and maintain the area of woodland under sustainable management and; 
  • to identify and address threats to woodland, prevent decline and increase the capacity for sustainable management.

Eligibility and how to apply

This grant is now closed to new applications.

You can apply online using our webforms service or by printing and completing the application form below.

For further information about eligibility, grant rates and how to apply, please refer to EWGS6 WMG Guide and EWGS1 General Guide.

Application forms and guidance

EWGS6 WMG Guide (459kb)
WMG applicant guidance 

EWGS6 WMG Application Form (61kb)
WMG application form

WMG Calculator 2012 (Excel 100kb)
Tool to help calculate eligibility and standard costs

COT Application Form (72kb) - to print
Condition, Opportunity and Threat (COT) assesment form: assists with low-level assessment of a woodland

COT e-mail Application Form (274kb) 
Use this COT form for uncertified woodlands under 30ha

EWGS1 General Guide (526kb)
General guidance

EWGS1 General Details Form (72kb)
General details application form

Supplementary Notice of Operations in a SSSI (178kb)
For work in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) only. Submit this form to us together with your grant application in order to apply for Natural England's consent for the work.

Additional sources of funding

In addition to EWGS, there are other funding sources:

Alternative publications

If you need any of our publications in large print or in another language please contact The Diversity Team. Tel: 0131 314 6575, Email:



Last updated: 17th February 2018
English Woodland Grant Scheme

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