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Woodland Improvement Grant

EWGS is now closed to any new applications - documents listed on this webpage are for reference only


Woodland Improvement Grant (WIG) funds capital investment in woodlands, over an agreed period to create, enhance and sustain an increase in the quantity and quality of public benefits delivered.  Due to the popularity of WIG's we have had to restrict new applications to plant health related WIG's only. 

We are open for plant health WIG applications which currently includes Chalara and Phytophthora.   

Eligibility and how to apply 

Information about eligibility for plant health WIG's will be available by the end of April 2014. 

For general information about eligibility, grant rates and how to apply, please refer to
EWGS5 WIG Guide (PDF 672kb), EWGS5 Guidance Addendum (PDF 117kb) and
EWGS1 General Guide (PDF 526kb).

For more information about what is available in your region, please contact your local FC office.

Current Application forms and guidance

EWGS 5b PHWIG Guide (140k)
Plant Health WIG applicant guidance

Plant Health Calculator (117kb)
A tool to help calculate standard costs

Forms and Guidance for closed WIG's (for information only)

EWGS5 WIG Guide (672kb)
WIG applicant guidance

EWGS5 Guidance Addendum (117kb)
Addendum to applicant guidance: published July 2010

EWGS5 WIG Application Form (63kb)
WIG application form

EWGS5 WIG Calculator (Excel) (128kb)
A tool to help calculate standard costs

EWGS5 WIG Example (1.3MB)
Example of a completed WIG application

EWGS1 General Guide (526kb)
General guidance for EWGS

EWGS1 General Details Form (72kb)
General details application form

Supplementary Notice of Operations in a SSSI (178kb)
For work in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) only. Submit this form to us together with your grant application in order to apply for Natural England's consent for the work.

Additional sources of funding

In addition to EWGS, there are other funding sources:

There are a variety of other funding sources available for woodland creation and management. The Royal Forestry Society has produced a guide called Grants for Trees that lists over 50 funding sources.

Alternative publications

If you need any of our publications in large print or in another language please contact The Diversity Team. Tel: 0131 314 6575, Email:


Last updated: 31st January 2018
English Woodland Grant Scheme

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Operations Note 9(PDF 216kb)
Standard WIG costs

Operations Note 10a
(PDF 67kb)
Operations Note 10b (PDF 110kb)
Management guidelines for land falling within Red squirrel reserves or buffer zones. 

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