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Equality Analysis (EqA) and Consultation

An Equality Analysis (EqA) is a way of systematically assessing, and consulting on, a proposed policy, function or service.

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By completing EqAs we can ensure: 

  • we are able to deliver a high quality service that meets the needs of our customers 

  • we are aware of and understand the communities we serve;

  • we encourage new customers from diverse backgrounds to use our services

  • our employee policies are fair, transparent and provide equality of opportunity

  • we meet the aims of the General Duties of the Equality Act 2010.

We know it is important to talk to people who do, or might, use our services to deliver the best and most inclusive services that we can. Consultation is an important part of the EqA process and we have published external and internal guidance to assist forest managers, including those in the private sector, to engage effectively with all parts of their communities.

BME Garscadden Wood Fun DayIn April 2013 Forestry Commission Wales became part of Natural Resources Wales. If you require access to any EqA undertaken prior to this date please contact us.



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Last updated: 21st September 2017