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The Woodland Carbon Task Force

The Woodland Carbon Task Force is brought together by Forestry Commission England to put in place the conditions for a step change in rates of woodland creation and management through private finance.

We want landowners and managers, business, civil society organisations and local communities to more readily use woodland creation as a tool to solve problems and realise opportunities.  We value woodland because it provides multiple benefits. We want more woodland creation because in most, but not all, landscapes increasing the amount of woodland will increase the benefits that flow from those landscapes:

  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • servicing the growing demand for domestic woodfuel and timber, part of growing a green economy and increasing natural capital;
  • providing places that people value highly and want more of, for example,  providing places for recreation;
  • creating habitat networks for wildlife;
  • managing flood risk and protecting clean water; and
  • helping society cope with climate change and other changes such as urbanisation and economic cycles.

Between 2010 and 2014 the Task Force is co-ordinating the work of lots of organisations, with leading roles for business, landowners, and civil society, to find out what conditions are needed, what needs to be done to put them in place, and then doing it.

The Task Force has six work streams:       

1. Assurance of carbon standards

2. Finances for woodland creation

3. Policy that supports woodland creation

4. Making woodfuel happen

5. Unlocking land use change

6. Succession – making it last in the long-term.

Join the task force

To join the reference group to receive occasional updates, opportunities to comment on outputs and to get more involved, send an e-mail with your contact details to

Head of Woodland Expansion and National Expertise
Forest Services, Forestry Commission England

Last updated: 31st January 2018