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EWGS Terms and Conditions

The EWGS Terms and Conditions are an essential part of the EWGS contract. They set out what is expected of both the scheme holder (to comply with the contract) and the FC (to pay grant that is due). When applicants receive their draft contract it is important that the Terms and Conditions are read and understood before signing as the contract is a legally binding document.

The first version of EWGS Terms and Conditions was drawn up in 2005. In 2007 a major revision was undertaken, including a consultation exercise, culminating in the publication of new T&Cs in February 2008. Minor revisions to these were made in May 2009.

The current T&Cs are available below along with previous versions and details of the 2007 consultation exercise.



2009 Terms and Conditions CURRENT (PDF 81kb)

2008 Terms and Conditions (PDF 77kb)

2007 Consultation Terms and Conditions (PDF 28kb)
2007 Responses and action summary (PDF 18kb)