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Sustainable timber

Forestry Commission England supports the use of sustainable timber in construction and as a source of renewable energy. This page will allow you to find out more about Forestry Commission projects that use locally grown sustainable timber and about how we promote timber as a renewable and sustainable material.

Timber in construction

Sustainable construction is not just about the material from which the building is constructed, it is also about providing high quality green space around the building. In urban areas this could mean providing street trees which offer shelter and shade, or in rural locations, green spaces offering habitat networks and a source of timber for generating renewable energy.

Construction of timber frame using Douglas firIn May 2008, tenants moved into Anderwood Cottages, two new sustainable timber framed eco-friendly homes in the New Forest. They are the first homes to be built on Crown land in the New Forest for 50 years. Material for the semi-detached cottages was cut from within view of the buildings and their eco-features include solar panels, high-grade insulation and grey-water recycling.

Forestry Commission England is committed to using timber in construction. Two Visitor Centres, built with sustainably harvested timber, opened in 2007. The Dalby Project in Yorkshire and Top Lodge in Northamptonshire are both environmentally friendly buildings with a number of eco-features.

Timber as fuel

burning logsThe Forestry Commission in England is supporting the development of woodfuel - a clean, efficient and renewable energy source. Using wood from well-managed woods provides a renewable source of fuel as well as giving woodland owners an incentive to manage their land productively, improving conditions for wildlife.

The Woodfuel Strategy for England and a short film, 'Woodfuel - Energy that grows on trees' are both available on the Forestry Commission England Woodfuel page.

Case studies

Dalby Visitor Centre (PDF 122 kb)
Savill Garden Visitor Centre (PDF 115 kb)
Using traditional timber in the Wye Valley (PDF 160 kb)
Wye Wood Project (PDF 118 kb)
Egger UK (PDF 122 kb)
Suffolk Woodfuel Cluster (PDF 96 kb)
Highcliffe School Woodfuel (PDF 126 kb)
Barnsley Biomass (PDF 126 kb)
Jeskyns Community Greenspace (PDF 214 kb)
Newlands (PDF 114 kb)
Capital Woodlands Project (PDF 123 kb)
Green Streets Initiative (PDF 123 kb)
South Yorkshire Coalfields (PDF 115 kb)
Nottinghamshire Community Rangers (PDF 98 kb)


Last updated: 31st January 2018