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The future of the Public Forest Estate in England

The responses received to the consultation on the public forest estate have been analysed and published.
The consultation was closed early to make way for the Independent Panel to examine forestry policy in England. Although incomplete, the Secretary of State felt it was appropriate to have the responses that we did receive independently analysed. They offer a useful insight into opinions held by the public and provide a range of suggestions for policy development.
The Secretary of State decided it was important to make the analysis available to the Independent Panel for them to consider as part of the wider evidence they are gathering. The Forestry Commission have now passed this information to them and the analysis can be found at
The Secretary of State and the Forestry Commission look forward to receiving the Independent Panel’s recommendations in Spring 2012.

Defra statementThe consultation on the future of the Public Forest Estate in England was halted on 17 February 2011. It is clear that people cherish their forests and woodlands and the benefits they bring but are not happy with the proposals we set out. We want to thank those of you who have taken the time to contribute your thoughts and ideas.Defra press release – the future of forestry in EnglandDocuments relating to the consultation are available on the Defra website.