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Farm Woodlands

Farm Woodlands

All Farm Woodland legacy schemes have now transferred to, and are administered from, Forestry Commission South East & London and South West Admin Hubs. Please refer to the who to contact document to find out which office to contact regarding your scheme.

There are three schemes that provide farmers with annual payments to compensate for the agricultural income foregone as a result of planting woodlands (please note that Farm Woodland schemes are now closed to new applicants but existing agreements will continue until the contracted end date).

Farm Woodland Scheme (FWS) and Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (FWPS)

The administration of FWS and FWPS was transferred from Natural England to the Forestry Commission on 26 March 2007. FWS and FWPS are closed to new applicants but existing agreements will continue as contracted until their expiry date.

English Woodland Grant Scheme - Farm Woodland Payments

The English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) opened in 2005. It replaced the Woodland Grant Scheme and Farm Woodland Premium Scheme. EWGS combines Woodland Creation Grants and Farm Woodland Payments in a single scheme.

Visit the Woodland Creation Grant and Farm Woodland Payments and the Single Payment Scheme pages for more information.

Last updated: 7th April 2018

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Successors Form (PDF 76kb) 
Complete this form when taking on ownership of land with an existing grant scheme

Who to contact - Farm Woodland Legacy Schemes (PDF 42kb)

Agent Authority Form (PDF 40kb)

WGS References (PDF 455kb)
Use this form to look up the WGS reference for a Farm Woodland or Farm Woodland Premium Scheme.

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