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EU Timber Regulations

The EU Timber Regulations
The Timber and Timber Products (Placing on the Market) Regulation 2013 came into force on the 3rd March. This transposes the EU Timber Regulations into GB statute.

The purpose of the legislation is to prohibit the importation and use of illegally harvested timber and timber products in EU countries. It also requires the first person to place such timber on the EU market (known as the operator) to exercise ‘due diligence’ (using a risk based approach), to ensure that the risk of such products being illegal is minimised. In addition, those that trade in timber and timber products are required to keep specific information to enable such products to be traced for up to five years.

To help the Forest Industry meet the requirements of this new legislation, the National Measurements Office (the body responsible for the enforcement of the Regulation), industry representatives and the Forestry Commission England (FCE) have co-operated to offer a simple approach for the home grown timber industry.

We have introduced a self certifying pro-forma which will help ‘operators’ to comply with the legislation. If applying to FCE for either a felling licence or a grant scheme that includes felling approval, or if you are in receipt of a statutory plant health notice requiring you to fell infected trees, we will issue one of these forms with your licence, grant contract or notice. We will annotate section one of the form, identifying the reference number appropriate to the felling and we will sign and date it. The remaining sections of the form must be completed by the ‘operator’. For further information please read Operations Note 033 - EU Timber Regulations.

If you are not applying for felling approval from the Forestry Commission, but still wish to demonstrate that the timber or timber product you are trading is from a legally harvested source (maybe the trees were windblown, or coppice of less than 15 centimetres in diameter) please download a copy of the EU Timber Pro-forma below:-

EU Timber Pro-forma - PDF Version

EU Timber Pro-forma - Word Version

Last updated: 31st January 2018