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The Study of the Forestry Commission Estate in England Short Questionnaire

The opportunity to help us work out the long-term future for England’s Public Forest Estate and win a prize is now closed.  Thank you for all that took part. 

Congratulations to the winners:

M Hancock, Kidderminster
S Errington, Twigworth
K Campbell, Bedford
M Kondakor, Nuneaton
Mr and Mrs Cluley, Hinckley

The Public Forest Estate is public property and looked after by the Forestry Commission. It is 258,000 hectares all together, about the size of Dorset, and made up of over 1,500 different woods and forests across most parts of England. More than half the population lives within 6 miles of a Forestry Commission wood.

This questionnaire was part of a bigger study in to the Public Forest Estate.  The Estate must provide the right mix of benefits as well as being efficient. Working out how to do this is what the study is about.

If you want to find out more visit the The Study of the Forestry Commission Estate in England page.

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