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Digital Land Maps Update

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) are updating their digital land maps and this may affect the payment you receive for your Forestry Legacy scheme:

  • Woodland Management Grant (WMG)
  • Farm Woodland Payments (FWP)
  • Farm Woodland Payment Scheme (FWPS)
  • Farm Woodland Scheme (FWS)

Land data changes throughout the year with new information being received from inspections, aerial photography and customer notifications. From August 2017 RPA will be publishing these changes.

The European Commission requires every country operating Common Agricultural Policy schemes to proactively check land parcels against the last information available. This means that RPA are required to make sure that all land data on their systems is no more than 3 years old by 31 October 2017.

RPA has started to publish updates to their land parcel data on their systems using information received from the latest land imagery such as aerial photography and OS map updates. You’ll be able to see these updates on the Rural Payments service.

From August, RPA will also send notifications through the Rural Payments service to let you know when these mapping updates have been published.

It’s important that if you receive a notification you check your land details on the Rural Payments service.

The Forestry Commission is not able investigate or update the digital land maps and contacting us may delay your enquiry. If forestry legacy payments are affected we will contact customers on a case by case basis as claims are processed.

To view your individual land parcels, go to:, and from the ‘Business overview’ screen, click ‘Land’ then ‘View land’

If you do not agree with the updates, please fill in a RLE 1 form and sketch map and return it to RPA, together with a sketch map showing the changes that you are requesting or disagree with. Write on the sketch map ‘Unrequested Change Query’ and mark the changes you would like to make. Add the parcel reference you are querying on the RLE 1 form and the date when the change was made on the ground.

Also remember to say what type of application or claim is going to be impacted by this change first- such as a CS Higher Tier application for 2018 or Legacy woodland payment

If you have any concerns or need more information, go to GOV.UK and search for ‘RLE1’.


Last updated: 31st January 2018