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Den Building

Den building day The Forestry Commission in England is committed to providing opportunities for outdoor play and growing adventure for children and young people. One issue confronting our managers is the need to respond to children and young people making their own play spaces. Woodlands are great places for children to make their own choices about play and to create their own play environments without the intervention of adults. Provision of spaces where children are allowed to make there own choices in a natural setting helps to deepens their engagement with, and understanding and appreciation of, those settings, and is beneficial to their wellbeing.

As well as providing formal nature play spaces we want to help children and young people explore and enjoy England's woodlands on their own terms.

Den building activity

Launch event

The launch event took place in the Forest of Dean on Tuesday 23 May 2006, and involved broadcaster and survival expert Ken Hames, who recently starred in BBC2's Beyond Boundaries where he took a group of people with disabilities across South America.

What's of interest

"The Forestry Commission’s den building days are an excellent opportunity to give your child the freedom to play in the natural environment."

Jennie Lindon
Author of Too Safe For Their Own Good? Helping Children Learn About Risk And Life Skills

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