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Applicants' Focus Group


The Applicants' Focus Group’s remit is:

1. To advise FC England on the management and future development of: 

  • woodland grant schemes and regulations
  • grants and regulations administration systems in England
  • regional work with the private sector such as outreach and partnerships

2. To advise FC England on the implications for the forestry and woodlands sector of relevant government and EU-driven policy and practice changes

The range of topics will primarily focus upon activities relating to grants, regulations and regional activity but may on occasion cover other related topics.  Further details of the group and how it operates can be found in the Terms of Reference (PDF 82kb)


The group is appointed on the basis of involving the key woodland related organisations in England:

  • Community Forests
  • Confederation of Forest Industries UK
  • Country Land and Business Association
  • Defra
  • Institute of Chartered Foresters
  • Local Government Association
  • National Farmers' Union
  • Royal Forestry Society
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
  • Small Woods Association
  • Wildlife and Countryside Link


Each member organisation is invited to send two representatives to the meetings which are normally held every six months.  There have, however, been exceptional 'AFG+' meetings to discuss issues of particular interest e.g. Woodland Regeneration Grant.  These AFG+ meetings have usually involved additional participants from each region. Minutes of meetings are available via the left hand link.

Last updated: 31st January 2018