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Woodland Bird Project - Further Information and Guidance

GREEN WOODPECKER.This project originally set out to address the decline in bird species in the East and East Midlands, due to its success the partners in the project appointed a Project Officer to give advice to woodland owners and extended this into Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

  • Woodland bird populations have been in steady decline since the 1970s with 33 species falling by 20% over the last 25 years
  • Despite being the most deforested Region in the UK (5.3% woodland cover compared to 11.8% national average), the East and East Midlands is a national hotspot for remant populations of Woodland Birds
  • Wild birds are a good indicator of the general state of the health of the wider environment
  • The reasons for this decline are many but changes in woodland structure from long-term under management is thought to be a key factor

Together with the RSPB, Natural England and other key conservation bodies, the Woodland Birds Project is aiming to reverse this decline by providing financial support to landowners and managers to improve woodland habitat for birds and wider biodiversity.  The grants, offered through the English Woodland Grant Scheme, are specifically aimed at woodland creation and management that will help woodland birds.  A guidance note has been produced which explains the rationale for the project area, what type of woodlands are eligible, what support is available and appropriate management for reversing the decline of woodland birds. There is currently funding available for new applications for work to be carried out from 2011 onwards.


For further details on the project please contact:

David White, Field Manager 01522 660132 or mobile 07796 938803