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Wet woodland in East of England

Wet woodland habitat is nationally and locally rare. It occurs on poorly drained soils and seasonally wet soils associated with river valleys, flood plains, flushes and plateaus...

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Trees and water in the East of England

This paper summarises the benefit that trees and woodlands bring in relation to water quality, water quantity, flood alleviation and biodiversity...

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Regional projects

A series of small scale, targeted catchment projects have been initiated to map existing wet woodland and to identify opportunities to create further wet woodland:

Bedfordshire (PDF 731K)

Peterborough (PDF 4276K)

Waveney Valley (PDF 314K)

Stort Valley (PDF 5477K)

Wensum, Nar and Blackwater historic evidience (PDF 9MB)

Wensum, Nar and Blackwater Phase 3 report (PDF 1160K)


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