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Working with communities

Forestry Ministers have given clear assurances that local communities will be a priority in the way public forests are managed. This means that local people will have an even greater involvement in decisions which affect their community.

We are building on our many partnership successes and working closely with communities. Measures demonstrate a pledge to bring government closer to the people and in particular mean:

  • local people will be more involved in the plans and shape of local woodlands
  • the needs of local businesses and contractors will be given higher priority
  • more recreational information will be provided
  • local job opportunities will be promoted
  • communities will be consulted on the sales or development of land
  • we recognise that different communities have different needs and these should be accounted for

Around the country we have local groups working in partnership with us, and millions of people enjoying and benefiting from their local woodlands.

Last updated: 11th July 2017