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Forestry Civil Engineering

Grader working on a forest road.

FCE is the civil engineering arm of the Forestry Commission. We have been in existence in various guises since the 1950's, and have accumulated an impressive amount of experience in the ensuing years. Our main function is to provide a service to the Forestry Commission, but we have become increasingly active for external customers in recent years. In order to supply this service, FCE has a network of staff throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Naturally our bread and butter is roads and bridges. We know about low cost unsurfaced roads and we know about low cost bridges. However, we also have experience of many other aspects of rural construction including timber harvesting facilities, small dams, car parks, recreation/play equipment and special structures.

Last updated: 18th March 2015
Stress-laminated timber arch bridge at Newbattle

What's of interest

Within FCE, our designs are based around sustainable construction. We aim to protect and enhance the natural and the physical environment, whilst using resouces and energy as efficiently as possible

Sustainability and Forestry Engineering (PDF)


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