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Organising an Event or Activity

If you are planning an event or activity, commercial or non commercial on Forestry Commission land you will need our permission and in many instances a formal permit.

Your right to roam

Most of our forest operates a permissive access policy for walkers, cyclists and horse riders to come and enjoy this wonderful environment as individuals or in small groups. These users have priority for access. Pedestrians also have a legal right of access under the Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000.

Whilst everyone has a right to individual and family recreation on open access land this right does not extend to holding events or running commercial activities.

You can find out whether your event or activity includes Forestry Commission land by using the MAGIC website.

Why Contact Us

If you are planning an event or activity partly or entirely across Forestry Commission land, please contacts us, so we can help ensure that you activity:

  • does not clash with other planned events

  • avoids sensitive wildlife and habitats

  • does not negatively impact on other visitors

  • does not damage features of historic interest.

  • is not effected by our forest operations.

Please work with us to ensure your event is planned properly.

Last updated: 1st November 2017

England's Woods and Forests are cared for by Forest Enterprise England, an agency of the Forestry Commission.