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Explore Bourne Wood
(Average user rating: 3 unrated 2.5/5)

A promontary above a large heathland clearing offers an impressive view over the surrounding pine forests.

There are also other attractive areas of heathland, interspersed with silver birch and pine trees creating a more mature heathland habitat.

The sandy soil provides a good walking surface, allowing access to many of the tracks and public footpaths throughout the year.

The Bourne Wood is strategically important to the UK film industry as a filming location. Since 1999 numerous films, commercials, television programmes and music videos have been filmed here.

Filming activity at Bourne Wood is important to the local economy and to the Forestry Commission, as it makes a significant contribution towards the cost of managing the Public Forest Estate.

The Forestry Commission's recent application for planning permission, relating to change of use from 'Forestry' to Forestry and Filming' has been approved. 

What do other visitors say?

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After planning a day out to the woods with our children we we disgusted with the amount of did waste there. It was everywhere. We couldnt walk anywhere without having to check what was underfoot.

Whilst I agree that flicking dog poor into undergrowth is preferable to leaving it in bags (I have a dog and would never leave a bag anywhere other than in a bin) , this surely only applies where the undergrowth is where people will not be walking on.. ie a hedge or bush.. not on the floor of a beautiful woodland where children are running around.

How anyone can think this is ok astounds me.

Bag your dogs poo and take it home or put in the nearest dog waste bin.

I wont be returning to the wood.

Debbie, 15/Jul/2018

Why are you spraying pesticide in bourne woods? It makes no sense whatsoever. Stop chemical warfare in the woods. There is no justification for this at all. How about preventing all the bonfire making in the woods and clearing up all the mess from the felling - which is leaving tons of beautiful dry wood for burning.

Anonymous , 4/Jun/2018

Thank you for your question. If you would be kind enough to send this to we will be able to provide you with a full response. Many thanks

Forestry Commission Response

Forestry Commission should not have to collect dog poop bags, for gods sake it is a forest. Get a stick and flick dog poo into the undergrowth where it bio degrades or take your bags home. While we are on the subject of mess, humans need to clear up their mess, soiled wipes, food and drink containers a common sight, far more unsightly and alien to woodland!

Margaret Scott, 25/Feb/2018
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Last updated: 29th June 2018

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