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Get rewarded for getting active in our forests

We want you to experience the joy of getting active and spending time in our forests. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Bounts to offer you restaurant, cinema and high street vouchers every time you visit the forest for more than 30 minutes.

Bounts is a free fitness app that gives you real rewards for being active… it’s air miles for exercise!

Download Bounts at home – then head to one of five Forestry Commission sites to start earning high street vouchers and prizes! Just check-in on arrival and start earning points towards rewards every time you spend over 30 minutes at the forest.

Earn extra points while you walk, jog or cycle (in fact, any exercise at all) while at the forest by linking Bounts to your favourite tracking apps.

Kielder to Bedgebury... and back! Join the challenge.

What do you say to being part of a one month group challenge to run the equivalent distance of Kielder Forest to Bedgebury Pinetum, and back again? Simply share your running updates on the Facebook group during October 2016, and let's see what we can achieve together!

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How does it work?

We’ve used something called ‘beacons’ to mark out five of our favourite forests to get active in. Once you’ve downloaded Bounts, simply head to one of these participating forests and you’ll automatically start earning vouchers and rewards for your favourite high street shops, restaurants and cinemas.

You spend time in the forest and you earn big brand rewards. It’s that simple!

What forests are running the offer?

Earn rewards with Bounts & Forestry Commission at one of five stunning venues. Find your nearest below:


Why should you try Bounts?

  • Bounts is completely free, and you can leave at any time
  • Simply spending time in the forest is great for your wellbeing. We’ve also got lots of activities on offer in the forest if you’re after an extra endorphin release
  • Bounts provides fantastic motivation to be active and you’ll be treated for making a healthy lifestyle into a habit
  • You can use the app in conjunction with your other fitness apps and devices


  • “This did sound too good to be true when I first heard of bounts, but it really rewards you. It's a great incentive to drag yourself out for some extra exercise. I'm healthier and love the rewards” – Lee
  • “Why on earth would you not do this…? I used to be one of those who might be heard to say 'I wouldn't go to the gym if you paid me.....' . But then I realised that my lifestyle had to change and so I put on my trainers and started running. At the start of my running journey I found out about bounts. I wear a Fitbit anyway, so the fact that between using my Fitbit and MapMyRun I could earn *actual cash money* for doing what I should be doing anyway is amazing to me!” – Helen
  • “Since starting using bounts my life has changed for the better, I'm more motivated and energetic, I skip past my daily step goals and hit the gym with renewed aplomb all thanks to the rewards that are promised for my efforts through the wonders of bounts! I've been a member for a while now and have accrued enough bounts points for meal vouchers, money off sporting goods and treats from Amazon. Highly recommended service that I just can't get enough of!” - Kenny

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For support, contact Bounts support:


Last updated: 16th February 2017

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