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Child in autumn leaves

Autumn in the forests

Autumn is a magical time of year and a fantastic time to visit some of the Forestry Commission’s woods and forests.

Leaves that start to change colour first include some of Britain’s native species such as common spindle, dog wood and wild cherry.

Other native favourites for autumn colour include ash, English oak, sweet chestnut, beech, hawthorn, hornbeam and small-leaved lime trees.

In forests and arboretums where a greater variety of exotic trees can be seen, stars of the autumn show include reds oaks, full moon maples and Persian ironwood. Japanese maples, beech, oak and field maples will change later.

Visitors might even get to spot wildlife foraging for fruits and seeds as our forests’ birds and animals prepare for winter.

More information on events and ideas for your autumn visit will be published here as the next autumn season approaches.

See Autumn top 10 for more ideas.

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