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WomanWelcome to the Forestry Commission webpage that shows how we plan to improve the visitor facilities at Alice Holt Forest. 

Visit our Alice Holt pages for information about activities, events and education. 

Our existing café, classroom and industrial workshops were built over thirty years ago to satisfy a growing demand for outdoor recreation and education in a woodland environment.  Nowadays, these buildings are completely inadequate for the 300,000 visitors and 12,500 school children who come to Alice Holt Forest each year.

Last year we brought in temporary buildings, including a disabled toilet, to enable our visitors to continue to enjoy the woodland over the next five years.  However, we really need to plan for better permanent facilities if we are to carry on providing opportunities for friends, families and community groups to make the most of Alice Holt Forest as a place to meet, play, learn and take exercise.

Last updated: 7th July 2018

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