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A new body, Natural Resources Wales has taken over the functions previously carried out by Forestry Commission Wales.
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Wood Energy

Wood Energy

We support the development of wood energy: a clean, efficient and renewable energy source. Using wood from well-managed woods provides a renewable source of fuel and other products as well as giving woodland owners an incentive to manage their land productively, improving conditions for wildlife and amenity. Although burning wood releases carbon dioxide, this is balanced by the CO2 absorbed in the original growth of the trees and in the growth of new ones. It can be viewed as a form of stored solar energy captured by trees as they grow.

UK Government is committed to combating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (1990 levels) by 2050. 
Woodfuel is a sustainable and low carbon source of bioenergy that can make a substantial contribution to achieving these targets.  For more information on national renewable energy and climate change policy visit the Department for Energy and Climate website. England, Scotland and Wales are working in partnership with many private and public sector organisations to help deliver these national bioenergy targets.

Research and development has built on the long history of using wood for fuel, with clean and efficient wood fuel boilers, that burn either wood chips or pellets, becoming more popular in the UK. These are easy to operate and efficient – and provide a market for a local, renewable resource.

Although they are more expensive to buy the cost of running a woodfuel boiler is comparable to, or cheaper than, an oil boiler. Woodfuel works best on a local scale – using locally grown trees in efficient boilers to provide heat for business and community use reduces haulage costs and emissions.

What's of interest

The Biomass Energy Centre>

Whether you are a small business owner interested in finding out more about installing a woodfuel boiler, or a woodland owner interested in the opportunities that woodfuel represents, you can find a wealth of information on the Biomass Energy Centre website.

Woodfuel Wales>

Woodfuel Wales promotes the supply and use of woodfuel as clean, economical and sustainable. We represent 100 members across Wales and the Marches.

Considering bringing your woodlands into management? Download our guides offering information, advice and useful tips from our website.

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