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Caerphilly Woodlands

About Caerphilly Woodlands

Situated on the hillside to the south east of Caerphilly are three woodlands - The Warren, Wern Ddu and Coed Parc y Van. These woodlands are easily accessible on foot, cycle or horseback. Throughout the area there is evidence of industrial activity dating back to medieval times. Look out for the well preserved lime kilns on the right hand side of the road on the approach to Rudry Common.

How to get there:

Caerphilly is the nearest town or village.

From Caerphilly town centre travel along Van Road towards Rudry. Continue 500m past the Caerphilly Business Park to a car park on the left hand side of the road. The woodlands can be accessed on foot from both Caerphilly Mountain and Rudry Common car parks. Public transport is available to Caerphilly town close by.

OS Grid Reference: ST 172 863
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Start your visit from:

Caerphilly Gateway Entrance
Horse riders in the forest




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Open access for horse riders.


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Within The Warren is an area owned and managed by the Caerphilly Woodlands Trust 02920 882588 which contains a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest. This SSSI displays rock strata spanning 315 million years.

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