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Explore Sneaton Forest
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Sneaton Forest is a true mixture of new and old. The larger part of the forest to the south is principally a conifer plantation of the 1960's while the northern area is chiefly old broadleaved woodland among steep valleys.

Main interest lies in the old woodland, Falling Foss, a spectacular waterfall after rain, The Hermitage, a huge boulder hollowed out to form a shelter in the 1700's, and Maybeck Picnic Place.

The Moors to Sea Cycle Route crosses through Sneaton Forest.

What do other visitors say?

Very dissappointed to see that the pond betweenFalling Foss and Maybeck car park has been neglected yet again.I am a local person who regularly walks this area.This pond,If maintained properly Is a habitat for many creatures,frogs toads,newts,all pond insects,including Dragonflies and Damselflies.In the last approx;20yrs,to my knowledge the pond has had attention only twice,The Reed Mace has choked the pond and there's no water at all,therefore no waterlife.It would be much appreciated by those of us who have enjoyed the rich and varied pondlife,if this sad situation could be addressed before next spring.Thankyou.

Sue Evans, 5/Jul/2010
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definately a place to visit

Anonymous, 16/Jan/2010

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Chalara ash dieback

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  • Ancient Monuments
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  • Picnic
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  • Moor to Sea Cycle Route
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OS Grid ref: SE489501

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