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Explore Twyford Wood
(Average user rating: 5 unrated 4.2/5)

Twyford Wood is an interesting ancient woodland site. The wood was a second world war airfield, RAF North Witham, and still retains many military artefacts, including the wide open runways and the derelict control tower. After the war the airfield part of the wood was planted with oak and conifer trees. The grassland areas are home to a regionally important colony of dingy and grizzled skipper butterflies. The butterfly reserves are managed by the Lincolnshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation. The wood has a small car park.

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

Fantastic place to visit, hoping to return soon to film for a video series I'm currently working on, recommend to all, would like to speak to someone about video project if possible

Lee, 13/Feb/2014

Thank you for your positive feedback. Please contact our District Office at about the video series. Many thanks.

Forestry Commission Response
5 Stars 5 Stars

I love Twyford wood ...And looking at wherever buildings are and researching on RAF North Witham but i have seen the control tower,and heard you were knocking it down ... are u still in the process of doing that???

Callum, 28/Dec/2013

No, the control tower is going to be fenced off to make it safe, but will not be knocked down.

Forestry Commission Response

I live and work near to Twyford Wood and love it there. I am a teacher and am in the process of developing a Forest School approach to learning. I am wondering if it is possible to make use of Twyford Wood as part of this work. It would involve visits from children (primary age) and eventually activities, which would include Den building and bonfires. Obviously, these activities are led by responsible adults. It would be great to know if this is something I could follow up further.

Jim, 27/Oct/2013

Yes, certainly. You will be contacted shortly.

Forestry Commission Response
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Chalara ash dieback

What's Here?

  • Picnic
  • Cycling
  • The concrete runways make for excellent all-weather cycle routes.
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding is welcome in Twford Wood, but grassy rides and tracks may be very wet.
  • Walking
  • You are free to enjoy walking along the World War II runways and feeder roads throughout the wood.
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OS Grid ref: SK 947239

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