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The old Forest of Savernake is derived from ancient wood pasture management, and has many veteran trees.  The forest extends to 1100 hectares (2750 acres) most of which is classified as a Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) as well as being registered as an important historic park.

One of the oldest trees is the Big Bellied Oak which is very noticeable on the side of the A346 road, south of Cadley.  There are many other old and named trees in Savernake, a guide is available to purchase from the Postern Hill Campsite.

Since 1939 the majority of the woodland has been managed by the Forestry Commission with the freehold retained by the Savernake Estate.

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Hi there, who actually owns & makes decisions to do with the forest.

James Titcombe, 21/Sep/2015

The Forestry commisson have leased the land from the Savernake Estate since 1939. Forestry commission therefore have the resposnibility of managing the trees within Savernake. Any other decisions relating to Savernake are delat with by the Savernake Estate. If you have a particular query please contact us at

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my partner and I took our 18 month granddaughter and our Boxer dog to the forest last Sunday. We had to honestly how bitterly disappointed. As not long into our walk we trod in dog excrement . Every where we walked we were confronted with it as people are not cleaning up after their dogs. It was discussing. Later my partner trod in more and didn't notice till we for in the car only to have to pull over and wash the mat in a puddle and drive to Tesco to wash our hands. Utterly disappointed and disgusted the smell also in the forest was horse does when walking through little copses. It was very close to the campsite is where I'm describing so it is probably dog walkers from there also not picking up. I have grown up around here and used to go I will not be taking my family there again and have told everyone I know how awful it is and it's not looked after at all. I will go to the New Forest which is delightful.

Andrea jackson, 13/Sep/2015

The Forestry commission seek to promote responsible dog ownership and will seek ways to better educate people regarding this issue. We apologise for any impact this has had on our visitors' enjoyment of the forest. This member of the public has been contacted individually.

Forestry Commission Response
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Lots of dog mess, the staff are very rude!

Nice place would be better off with no staff.

Bob, 13/Sep/2015

The Forestry Commission no longer have staff based in Savernake forest, though there is a beat team who manage the site for timber, wildlife and people. We are sorry that your visit was affected by dog mess and will endeavour to promote responsible dog ownership messages. If you would like to talk to a member of staff regarding this, please contact us on

Forestry Commission Response
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