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Explore Blidworth Woods
(Average user rating: 4 unrated 3.5/5)

Blidworth Woods are located near the southern section of Sherwood Forest and consists of pine woods and open heath.


The undulating topography provides a good terrain for walking and horse riding. Two car parks serve the wood.

Longdale Lane is a large car park and has surfaced waymarked trails and a refreshment cabin. An information panel shows a map of the wood to help you explore the wider forest.

Blidworth Bottoms car park is a small car park.  There is a horse corral (for permit holders), an information panel and refreshment cabin at busy periods.

This wood is used extensively by horse riders on the Horse Trail throughout the year so please keep your dog under control at all times.

Walking Trails

Wander round the White Trail or explore further on the Blue Trail.  If you have a dog check out the Dog Loop straight off the car park.

Horse Trail

A 9km horse riding trail around the woods.  Be aware you need a Discovery Pass when using this woodland.

What do other visitors say?

4 Stars 4 Stars

I love walking this wood with our dog, we must go at least 4 times a week between myself and my wife. my only complaint would be that the Blue path does not seem to be managed. It would be great for the nettles, brambles and overgrown foliage to be cut back in the summer so that all parts of the path are kept in good condition. I often find new walkers completely lost in the summer months as the Blue markers are buried in the undergrowth.

Richard, 15/Aug/2016

This facility is checked on a regular basis by our Recreation staff and any issues are highlighted to be included in our ongoing district repair and maintenance programme. We are scheduled to undertake work on the blue trail at Blidworth during the autumn which includes the replacement of waymarkers which have been damaged and removed.

Forestry Commission Response
3 Stars 3 Stars

Lovely area to go for a walk/horse ride. More recently, we've noticed that some dog owners are just leaving their poo bags in the woods or throwing them up into the branches. C'mon guys! Just take it home with you and put in the bin.

Anonymous, 9/May/2016

I've been taking my dogs to Sansom Woods for many years now, loving how beautiful & unspoilt it was. I thought being Forestry Commission land it would always be looked after. However over the past few months EuroForest have been allowed to harvest wood from here. To say the methods used are aggressive & destructive would be an understatement! Using caterpillar tracked vehicles to move HUNDREDS of felled trees they have destroyed large areas of the woods. The time of year chosen has destroyed the homes of hibernating animals & the breeding habitat of many others. They have left 2 foot deep trenches in the ground throughout much of the woods, making access impossible, have knocked down many trees not felled, and totally ruined many areas. This is disgusting & if this is how the Commission protects our Forests I'd hate to see what you'd do if you destroyed it!!

Gill, 11/Feb/2016

Hi Gill, Sansom Wood was planted as a commercial crop, and the thinning operations that have been recently undertaken are part of the regular 5 year cycle to benefit the crop trees and in turn provide a sustained supply of produce to support the British Timber Market which makes a significant contribution to the economy. Thinning operations in the woodland remove dying/suppressed trees and allow the remaining trees to grow with less competition and less stress, whilst also allowing more light to reach the ground which results in an increases in ground flora providing considerable environmental benefit. Prior to undertaking forest operations at any time of the year we (the FC) consult with local ornithologists and specialist FC staff and take all reasonable steps to minimise damage and disturbance, however due to particularly wet weather conditions during this operation there has been some ground damage through the movement of the machines through the wood, which looks unsightly at present, but we will be reviewing and assess roads and official FC tracks at the end of the operation and any remedial work/repairs that are required will be undertaken. Forestry Commission woodlands are required to be sustainably managed to the UK Woodlands Assurance Standard, and the Forestry Commission are independently assessed against this standard every year across the country. As part of this standard we are required to provide both standing and fallen deadwood habitats throughout the woodland, and it is normal practice to achieve this by the presence of brash (branches and foliage) being left within the operational site for the benefit of invertebrates, and this will break down over time.

Forestry Commission Response
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Last updated: 14th April 2016

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What's Here?

  • Cafe
  • Refreshments cabins in both car parks.
  • Cycling
  • Cyclists are welcome but look out for horses.
  • Dogs
  • Dog Loop is provided at Longdale Lane car park. Please be a responsible dog owner.
  • Horse riding
  • Horse riding is allowed with a Discovery Pass. Horse Corral available for Discovery Pass holders. A designated trail runs from Blidworth Bottoms.
  • Information
  • There are information panels in both car parks.
  • Orienteering
  • Local orienteering club have a map of the wood.
  • Parking
  • Is available at Longdale Lane and Blidworth Bottoms.
  • Picnic
  • Picnic benches are available at Longdale Lane.
  • Walking
  • It is very popular for walking and includes 3 walking trails.
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OS Grid ref: SK591528

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Opening & Parking

Opening Times:
All the time!
Is available at Longdale Lane and Blidworth Bottoms.

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