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Come and Escape in Mortimer Forest! Straddling the Shropshire and Herefordshire border this forest is a perfect place for some breathing space.

There are three car parks around the edge of the forest offering you a different experience each time you visit.


Vinnalls would suit families with its natural play spaces and buggy friendly easy access trail.

Archaeological features

Black Pool is close to some of the forest's archaeological features and has a deboxing area for horses (key required).


The Whitcliffe Loop  starting from the Whitcliffe Car Park lets you explore the Lower Evens part of the Forest and views along Mary Knoll Valley.

Vinnalls Car Park is the starting point for the Vinnalls Loop which take you to the top of High Vinnalls. The nine mile Climbing Jack Trail and the surfaced Easy Access Loop.

Black Pool Car Park is the starting point for the Black Pool Loop which takes you through the Haye Park area of the woods.


What do other visitors say?

Lost dog - we found in for forestry up from the car park near the Moor School a lost black Labrador bitch, all black, in good condition, had whelped recently but had no food it it's belly. We asked other walkers about an owner, without success. A couple of ladies, who walk their dogs there daily, did not recognise the bitch, but the younger lady offered to take the bitch home with her and put it out through social media, something we do not get involved with. However if you get a query at your office of a lost dog, tell them to try social media.

Susan Thornley, 14/May/2016

Thank you for letting us know

Forestry Commission Response

Beautiful walk, lots of insect life, wild flowers, gorgeous pine scent, deer and did I really see a red squirrel? No evidence of damage or nuisance from anyone bikes, walkers or riders - regularly do all three. Respect, enjoy. Two hours of bliss :)

Matilda, 14/Jun/2015
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Sadly John's comments below reflect the arrogance of many who settle in our area from outside. If John had been visiting Mortimer Forest for more than a year he would know that the forest has played a pivotal part in the growth of the sport for more than 20 years. As well as those of us who grew up riding our bikes in the forest it has been an important venue for some of the sport's top professionals to develop their skills. He'd also know that the forest is constantly changing - mostly due to the work of Forestry Commission as they harvest and replant timber. I can assure John that mountain bikers never cut down trees. Certainly not 20ft trees. What kind of idiot would fell a 20ft tree without safety equipment? Anyway, if it wasn't for dodging trees riding would be pretty boring! There is, however, something known in these parts as 'wind'. A mysterious force, it often appears suddenly in the winter time and knocks down unsuspecting trees.

Local riders know that we are tolerated, not encouraged. Most bikers I know also care deeply about the environment. I bet I've seen more deer, hawks, snakes, hares, foxes and badgers whilst on my bike than John has seen on his walks. Without a dog in tow and not making a lot of noise we don't disturb the wildlife like you might think. Our presence in the forest (some of us ride there every other day) deters people who would otherwise cause a great deal of harm. I know riders who have disturbed people looking for rare bird eggs in the forest.

I agree with the poster below about Mortimer Forest being a prime location for a trail centre. Local groups such as Pearce Cycles have contributed massively to a sport that gets people outside, keeps them fit and healthy, and which we in the UK are very good at. I think what Ludlow really needs now is an advocacy group for mountain bikers to lobby for regulated trails. The success of trail centres in Wales shows how much the tourist industry can gain from mountain bikers visiting - Ludlow should embrace our sport and reap the benefits.

Ryan, 11/Jun/2015
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What's Here?

  • Cafe
  • Roses Tea Room pops up at Vinnalls Car park on summer weekends 10am - 4pm.
  • Cycling
  • Cycling is permitted on forest roads.
  • Easy Access
  • There are accessible picnic tables at Black Pool car park and an accessible trail from Vinnalls Car Park.
  • Horse riding
  • Riding is permitted on forest roads. Riders wishing to box to the forest will need to purchase a barrier key which will allow them into Black Pool car park and the de-boxing area.
  • Information
  • The Marches booklet is available with maps and information for Forestry Commission woodlands in the area. It is available from some local outlets or send a cheque for 1.50 to the Forestry Commission, Bank House, Bank Street, Coleford, GL16 8BA and we will send one to you. Please remember to include your address.
  • Orienteering
  • There is a permanent course at Vinnals which has been devised by Wrekin Orienteers. Courses are suitable for beginners and maps can be bought from Ludlow Tourist information Centre for approximately 1.50.
  • Parking
  • There are height restriction barriers on all our car parks in Mortimer forest.
  • Picnic
  • All our car parks have picnic tables.
  • Play area
  • We are creating natural play spaces close to Vinnalls car park.
  • Trail (easy)
  • The Easy Access trail starts from Vinnalls car park and is suitable for buggies and mobility scooters.
  • Walking
  • There are five walking trails in this Forest.
  • Trail (hard)
  • Climbing Jack trail starts at Vinnalls car park and takes the seasoned walker on a nine mile walk through most of the different areas of the Forest.
  • Trail (moderate)
  • Follow the respective waymarked trails from Vinnalls, Black Pool or Whitcliffe car parks for a moderate walk.
  • Viewpoint
  • The walk up to High Vinnalls is a must on a clear day.
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OS Grid ref: SO480730
Postcode: SY8 2HD

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Nicola Cowell
Recreation Ranger
0300 0676977

Opening & Parking

There are height restriction barriers on all our car parks in Mortimer forest.

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