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Hatchet Pond is the largest body of water within the Crown Lands of the New Forest, managed by the Forestry Commission.

Created in the 18th century to provide power for an iron mill, the pond today provides valuable habitats for wildlife as well as being a Hatchet pond. New Forestscenic backdrop for a picnic or wildlife watching

Coarse Fishing

For more informaiton on Coarse Fishing in the New Forest please click on the link above.

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My wife and I always try to visit the New Forest at least three times a year and our favorite place to visit is Hatchets Pond. It a great place to just relax and enjoy the view and the wildlife.

Visited this weekend and saw a Heron and Egret in the reeds. Unfortunately we did not see our favorite Swan (ring tagged P5R)

What has happened to him? he was a bit of a character and very protective of his young but had been there for many years.

Still a great place to visit and yes its a shame about the toilets being vandlised.

Anonymous, 6/Oct/2014
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always loved this spot since i was a kid but today disappointed that even in the heart of the new forest a thing like public toilets cannot be left alone from vandalism or anti social behaviour. found the gents locked up for first time i can recall, luckily the disabled one was available.

mr hoult, 20/Aug/2014

Thank you for your comment. Due to repeated antisocial behaviour it is regrettable that we have had to close the Gents toilets at Hatchet Pond and we are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible

Forestry Commission Response
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I love exploring Beaulieu Airfield near the pond. So much history and natural beauty side by side. Does anybody know how deep Hatchet Pond is? I've heard silly numbers which just cannot be true.

Michaela Menzel, 22/Jan/2014

Thank you for your comment. Hatchet Pond is deep, as it was a series of marl pits that were flooded to provide power to the old iron mill. There are local 'tales' that when the pond was partially drained in the 1960's (not sure what reason - most likely repairs to retaining wall), the depth of the pond was estimated to be about 16-17 feet and there were stories about cars driving through the shallows!

Forestry Commission Response
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