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Visited on 18/11 and spent a good couple of hours walking through the forests. Was great to be in the open air, with little phone signal. Got some great pics as well. Will defo be back to walk through when the snow comes.

Robb K, 19/Nov/2012
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I love walking through the forest, but can we please have a footpath along the road from the motorway bridge to the main car park? Yes, I know there is one from the bridge to the Tree Ninja site that goes behind the Select depot, but it is to the wrong place and is either a muddy quagmire or a 500m horse toilet, or both.

Anonymous, 6/Nov/2012
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Parked in horsebox carpark, unloaded my horse. Found signs for forest bridleway confusing with general bridleway. Needs clearer signs during ride. spoilt day as intended to ride the 5 mile track in forest, but felt I would get lost. Please make clearer signs..couldn't follow downloaded map with track. Sorry.

Anonymous, 2/Nov/2012
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Visited on 20/10/2012.The leaves are still green.

tom, 20/Oct/2012
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Would have been 5 stars but think it is shocking that you have to pay ■3 to take your kids for a walk around a forest that has been there since before civilisations began. Where does that money even go? Like someone has previously said, its def not on maintaining the toilets. The woman in the cafe, clearly stressed so a bad atmosphere and ■1 for 2 10p lolly pops come on! Park there is not suitable for toddlers. If you just want to go out for a walk in this magical ancient woodland then and don't mind paying ■3 then it is well worth it. Kids enjoyed it anyway.

Andy, 10/Oct/2012
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Thought it was a wonderful place to spend a day with children. Mine loved the tree top walk and cafe and other friends have also had a great time there.

Anonymous, 28/Sep/2012
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Shame on the irresponsible dog owners who feel it’s acceptable to leave behind their dogs mess. Should have expected it after coming across a pile of poo seconds after getting out the car. I appreciate there are no dog bins but really this is no excuse. It completely ruined the trip as constantly having to keep an eye on where my children were stepping. Obviously a great place for dogs but definitely not children.

Mind the mess, 20/Aug/2012
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Lovely place to walk. Kids loved the run of the forest and the play grounds. Bad points..... Toilets looked like they had never been cleaned out and stank to high heaven . Seemed they are more intreasted in giving parking tickets out then keeping the site urine free. Make sure you also run to the parking meter. Instead of giving a 2 min waver to collect your ticket , they are happy to give you their ■50 fine one. Luckily I got mine just in time .

Anonymous, 20/Aug/2012
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It's a wonderful place -but please improve the direction signs ( names not just colours.) When was Treetpos walk completed ?

John Walker, 19/Aug/2012
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The latest comments seem to be more about the cafe, but you can take a picnic so dont have to use it. it have and had no problems. The walks are good and children can run free and good place for bike rides too. good to be out in fresh open air!!!.

kids will enjoy, 19/Aug/2012
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What a stunningly managed wood. I've just completed a lovely 6 mile walk with my 11 week old son in his pram, my wife and my dog with no problems what so ever. The tree top walk was a very enjoyable park of the experience which was also accessible with both dog and pram. We will certainally return. As for the comments about the cafe, I suggests you try and enjoy the wood and the wild life rather than sit eating scones.

Anonymous, 17/Aug/2012
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Forest lovely and walkway really great. Fascinating looking down on the canopy. Cafe food was good but the service frightful. As a visitor to the UK, I have always exerience friendiness and politeness but the lady on duty on 07 August was so rude to customers and really should not be allowed front of house.

Jane, 8/Aug/2012
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The Tower Walk was a very impressive structure and allowed wonderful views of the surrounding countryside, as well as the promise of eye level encounters with Purple hairstreaks on the crowns of the surrounding Oaks! We thoroughly enjoyed the Church Path walk and hope to find some rare Wood Whites next time we visit...would appreciate some guidance as to the best sites to look. In defence of the Cafe staff they were extremely helpful in trying to find as much information regarding this as possible. Sandy.

Anonymous, 18/Jun/2012
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It was a nice little walk and the kids enjoyed it. We were enjoying it as well until we found ourselves in the cafe after kids ran in for some ice cream. We found the staff were far more interested in getting ready to go home than serving us even though the shop was still open. Also the debit card machine was faulty, couldn't be moved and placed by the cashier on the opposite end so your pin is easily visible when you enter it and also quite strenuous if you are older.

Anonymous, 11/Jun/2012

What a pointless trip and some dimwit puts a ticket on the car where there was no signage or meter to pay at. Then the woman who runs the cafe was so stressed out it was uncomfortable to be there. The flapjack was stale, cream tea saw the jam being scraped from the bottom of the jar and dumped in a little pot, the cup was dirty..PERFECT! NOT. Will not visit again.

Unimpressed, 2/Jun/2012
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Great for running along the bridleways. Start at 7 am or earlier to avoid all but the dedicated. Don't park in the main car park with the cafe. (You'll have to find the ones without barriers if you go that early anyway.)

Steve, 27/May/2012
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Great little forest, had a nice walk with our little daughter and we loved the sky walk over the tree tops. Would be 5 stars if we haven't been given a £50 parking ticket for being parked in an area where there no indication of park and pay signs or any machines for that matter. We weren't trying to avoid paying but there was simply no signs to indicate that. Be aware!

family unhappy, 7/Apr/2012
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Went for a walk yesterday (25 march) as is becoming a habit for me now. But this time was special. Not only did I see 2 Red Kites flying directly above me - I then saw them joined by a third one a bit later - but I also saw about 10/12 deer running through the trees no more than 20 yards from me. Absolutely fantastic. Made my day. There's nothing like being out with nature all around you, but seeing wild animals acting naturally is a special sight to witness. I wont forget this experience. I keep recommending the forest to my friends, I will do so even more now.

Ben, 26/Mar/2012
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Had a walk around the forest today, I love nature, and it was lovely to take in all the sights and sounds. Some of the old oaks are quite impressive. Going to come back later on in the year when there is more foliage and leaves on the trees!

Anonymous, 25/Mar/2012
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We had a great walk the children loved it

Michelle, 16/Mar/2012
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I think that its a really good day out, for anyone from runners to families. The cakes are really good, and so are the walks, and dont forget to enjoy the play area too. I go here quite often and have enjoyed it every single time.

Anonymous, 8/Mar/2012
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A really good day out, in natural surroundings with lots of extras. Of course, the tree top walk is wonderful, but there is lots of other things too. We loved the 'tepee' wooden structures, they caught the childrens' imagination and they played here for hours. We loved the felled trees to climb on, and the play area. The walks are nice and easy (our youngest is 4 and had no trouble). All in all, a pretty good value for money day, the only cost being the car park at ■3, which is very reasonable. Top marks to the Forestry commission for this one.

Marina , 26/Feb/2012
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Anonymous, 28/Dec/2011
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its epic i love the sky walk

mike, 31/Oct/2011
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Took young grandsons today specially to walk up in the tree's very disappointed to find the walkway closed by orange fencing and no information as to why and when it is likely to be re opened Grandsons Very Very Disappointed

Clive, 20/Oct/2011
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The forestry commission should clear up ALL of the mess from the recent tree harvest...appalling in places !

peter kitchin, 13/Oct/2011
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What a beautiful ride today on my horse Jack round the forest with my friend riding her horse Jason who took me from Moulton in her trailer. We parked in the designated horsebox carpark and had a lovely 6 mile ride following the horseshoe route. Really quiet and only a few walkers around. As I have lived in Northampton all my 48 years I wish I had done it years ago.

Jocelyn, 3/Oct/2011
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Five of us went here last Wednesday to enjoy whatever Summer we had left. Was worried about car parking closing at 7pm as we arrived late in the day so we parked in a layby outside the visitor centre. Wasn't the safest option but I didn't want the car locked up in the car park. The park is lovely and the treetop view is definitely a plus however the path signage (being a coloured band, with no arrows and two/three routes) in the forest did confuse us and we ended up not being able to complete our route. It seems a map is a MUST and leave yourself enough extra time incase you get lost. I do believe better signage is required. Maybe a 'you-are-here' board along the way every few hundred metres would be beneficial. Will try and do the routes again sometime soon.

Tessa, 21/Sep/2011
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Signage to get find the Forest is non existant. The walks in the forest are very nice; pity about the nearby motorway noise but ther's nothing that can be done about that. Walk signage in the forest is Ok but sometimes a bit confusing and path maps would be of help.

David Fulton, 5/Sep/2011
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really good lots to do great day out

louis, 4/Sep/2011
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Map available to download above if you are able to plan ahead.

Anonymous, 2/Sep/2011
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we walk in the forest all the year round and enjoy the different seasons

mr&mrs richardson, 30/Aug/2011
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Had a fabulous afternoon, finally found a map to buy in the cafe, it was the last one, they said no free ones anymore, but don't make it easy to buy the one they have. Tree Top walk was a delight with my girls.

Mrs B, 9/Aug/2011
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The Forest was a delight. The only major drawback, was lack ofdirection signs. there were colour coded posts, but if you did not know the colour code, you were lost. There were no plans available for purchase. The Cafe would have been an ideal vending spot.

Tim Turner, 31/Jul/2011
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I love Salcey Forest and visit several times a week all year round. I'm really worried that the proposed wind farm right next to the forest will ruin it.

Tobydog100, 27/Jul/2011
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Took the Woodpecker trail which went across the road. This trail led back to the main road across from a private drive with loads of "do not enter" signs but no direction on how to get back on trail. The tepees were really good.

Zac Irving, 24/Jul/2011
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2nd July 2011 I brought Rod who is in a wheelchair. The paths were excellent and we both really enjoyed the walk especially the tree top part. I was impressed with how easy it was to push him around even the tree top path was not too difficult with plenty of places to get your breath back. My only concern is the amount of brambles growing over the edges of the path, this made it difficult in places to pass other people. We will revisit in the autumn.

Richard Jelley, 3/Jul/2011
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Visit the cafe regularly with a cycling club and we have always had a friendly welcome from the staff.

Anonymous, 25/Apr/2011
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are you allowed dogs?xD

meow., 24/Apr/2011
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Enjoyed our day the tree top walk was great and has some lovely trees below as well.We chose to bring a picnic and were a bit dissapointed with the lack of tables.Years ago we came here with our children and the forest was so much more natural and in some ways more enjoyable.

Sue Ruddock, 22/Apr/2011
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What is the point of placing Information Points along the walks with no description? The Maps do not mention them so this is a waste of time. Also, you need to check the Woodpecker trail - very easy to get lost as certain Way markers seem to be missing.

B Leach, 20/Mar/2011
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I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, main entrance car park needs advertising a bit more though as its easy to miss.

Thorburn, 16/Mar/2011
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The forest is great and it's really good to have the cafe there also. However the cafe staff are unwelcoming, left tables dirty despite not being busy and overcharged us. The two women were very surly and made us wonder how they got any business. Disappointing as they're missing a great opportunity, especially in these times where customer service should be of paramount importance.

Segment, 22/Feb/2011

tryd to find a bridle way map cant find any maps

Anonymous, 12/Feb/2011

no map! 'how to find us' link doesnt work. All very well having nice facilities but if you cant find where they are why would i travel miles to possibly not find them. Pointless website.

jdubj, 20/Jan/2011

I came looking for a map too. This should be considered primary information for any such Web site.

Xris, 24/Nov/2010

Could do with some maps showing access and getting around the Forest

Anonymous, 23/Oct/2010

The link to "details of public transport" is useless: it does not give details of how to get to Salcey Forest access point!!!

Martin Bond, 16/Oct/2010

I looked at this page expecting details of exactly where the access point is - but the best it suggests is "... east of the small village of Hartwell"! I notice there's a map ref, but why on earth do you not have a map showing access in relation to local roads etc ?!

Anonymous, 16/Oct/2010
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Great place for children.Agree with others shame on you dog walkers take it home please

Scottish visitor, 14/Oct/2010
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Enjoyed walk with 7 year old daughter. Shame about dog poo, lots of it on the floor and hanging in bags in the trees. Maybe dogs and their owners should be banned. So then everyone can enjoy looking at the trees rather than the floor to avoid standing in their mess.

Caroline, 25/Aug/2010
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