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Hello. Is it best to see the Brown Hairstreaks soon after they emerge ? Have they emerged, yet ? Do you have Marbled White there, please ? Thank you.

John Furse, 21/Jul/2014

Hi John, I have being trying to get you an answer since you posted this and I am not quite their yet! I will send an email now with more info and hopefully we can get it sorted!

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Quick look in the Garden and briefly saw Broad Bodied Chaser before been chased off by a Four-Spot Chaser. In the woods found lots of Straw Dot moths & a Clouded Border. Butterflies seen were 4 White Admirals, marbled White and lots of Large Skippers, Small Skippers, Tortoiseshells, Red Admirals, Small Whites, Meadow Browns & Ringlets. Also saw a Hornet fly past:) Nice afternoon walk, will be back for Hairstreaks:)

Stuart Pike, 4/Jul/2014
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I visited the wood today with my sons' dog and was a bit disappointed at the apparent lack of dog 'poo' bins. Perhaps I just missed them. The first thing our dog wants after a car ride is a toilet stop, so I picked up the mess, and then what ? Visitor centre looks good, although it was not open, toilets definitely useful and leaflets available to help you get around. Overall worth a visit.

Dave from Lincoln, 3/May/2014

Hi Dave Thanks for your comment. There is a dog bin at Chambers. It is at the start of the trails just after the car park barrier. I hope you can find it on your next visit.

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Hiya, We had a lovely walk today in the woods, but there was a bit of confusion due to the coloured signposts being quite sparse, some were fallen and dumped in the grass...Also some are at a crossroads along the walk, so you're not sure which way to go...we turned off at the wrong point...I realise that most people visiting the woods will know the walks, bit we are newish and so it was a bit confusing...I really hope you will have the walks marked more clearly the next we visit...other than that, we loved it :)

Fiona Marris, 2/Feb/2014

Hi Fiona, so glad you enjoyed your walk. The issue with the posts has been noted and the work is programmed in to start in the Spring. Hopefully this will solve the problem for you and allow you to enjoy the wood fully. Thanks for your comment.

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will there be another foraging event?

Anonymous, 27/Oct/2013

We will be doing another Fungus Forage walk next October. This event was very popular this year, so I would suggest booking early.

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Attended the fungus foray this weekend. First time to the lovely chambers farm wood. Was a very interesting two hours although may I suggest there be a limit to the group size and the organizer and fungi enthusiast be a little clearer on the expectations and content of the two hour foray maybe? I learnt alot and found it very enjoyable and interesting once the group had dispersed to single figures. Made me route one of my books out and go and look what is out there. Thanks for the experience :)

toadstool tony, 20/Oct/2013

Hello Am just enquiring whether horse riding is allowed and is there any specific routes or trails to follow please? Many thanks

Wendy, 17/Oct/2013

Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. Horse riding is not allowed in Chambers Farm Wood. I hope you can find somewhere nearby to ride your horse.

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Had 2hrs here.Very busy and warm.Lots of butterflies, 100's of ringlets,peacocks,whites,meadow browns,gatekeepers,tortoiseshells.Also found white admiral,orange moth & gold swift moth.

Anonymous, 27/Jul/2013

Hi, On a recent visit to Chambers Farm Wood we noticed an area that is set up with a fire pit and wooden benches around it and I wondered if it is possible for members of the public to arrange to use this site please? I am the organiser of the Grimsby Pagan Federation and we would love to be able to use this site for our Beltaine Ritual on the evening of Friday 3rd May, is this possible and would there be a charge for the use of this facility? You can be assured that if we are allowed to use this site we will leave it the same condition as we find it and will not cause any damage to the site or the surrounding area.

Angela Greenfield, 22/Apr/2013

Hi Angela I will send you an email with a contact for you to speak to. Thanks for your comment.

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just done the 2.5 mile red walk.31/10/12, first time here, very nice walk, leaves red and yellow,sadly now falling rapidly, so if you are going go now

mick and chris roberts kirton nr boston, 1/Nov/2012
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Yep I went there and there was nothing to say dogs are or aren't allowed to be present. Otherwise, it is a very nice and quiet woodland. We only went on the 1 mile track but it was still a nice walk to behold.

S. Reast, 4/Oct/2012

I'm going on a trip there with my Countryside Management lesson and my fab teacher Mrs Vause whos birthday it is tomorrow, we will find out for you! Mission Accepted!

S. Reast, 20/Sep/2012

please can you tell me how wheelchair friendly it is also are dogs allowed?

melissa, 19/Jul/2012
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Amazing really relaxing and beautiful. After being away for university in the city so long it was nice to come home and feel so far away.

Jake, 29/May/2012
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Lucky to be able to visit mid week, although there were a few cars in the visitors car park, once out of sight it felt like I had the place to myself. Great for long walks but to make the most of the surroundings stop, look and listen there is a lot going on if you take the time to soak it all in.

H Jones, 25/Apr/2012
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Brilliant woodland ideal for lovely long walks, many of which take you into isolated areas ideal for picnics and nature watching. Several picnic tables and benches are provided on the main routes but some old logs or similar would be nice resting on the longer isolated routes. Overall a lovely place to bring the family.

David, 20/Feb/2012
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Lovely Woods, some singage could use attention and some benches broken but you can't beat the beautiful nature surrounding the walks. Will certainly visit again.

Mr & Mrs Harrison-Wright, 2/Jan/2012
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lovely long walk, enjoyed it a lot. can't wait to do it again.

Anonymous, 4/Sep/2011
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Lovely site , the nicest place we visited whilst on holiday in Lincs

Spen, 18/May/2011
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Great staff who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of all that the woods have to offer.

Anonymous, 20/Mar/2011
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lovely woods i love riding my pony here i love to see all the wildlife

kiaya murray, 31/Jan/2011
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I love this wood. It is near Goslings wood and I think it has great potential for expansion and new habitats and new species. Anyone thought of an enclosure for a few wild boar?

james leachman, 1/May/2010
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Is there a hide for photographers ? i turned up at the closed visitor centre but got a few shots of some goldfinches :-D

Graham , 5/Apr/2010

Very concerned listening to Mary Porter on Radio Lincolnshire to hear the shooting in the background from the wood thought that was a safe haven for wild life

Mrs E Jackson, 6/Jan/2010
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I like forests because they are green and nice.

Mike Ramsey, 12/Oct/2009
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16th July 16 species of butterflies in under three hours is not bad.But don't be like me; don't rush it!

Les Austin, 21/Jul/2009
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excellent place had very good day visiting last sunday

jeff shaw, 30/Jun/2009
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great for wildlife!

Anonymous, 5/Jun/2009
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Fantastic place, the car park and picnic areas are busy but once 20 paces away from the car....solitude and bliss!

Julie, 7/May/2009
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If you like seeing butterflies, this is a great place to visit. There is much else in terms of wildlife too, but butterflies are the stars on a warm day at the right time of year.

LPJC, 14/Apr/2009