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Grade of Trail:

  • Demanding

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Length of trail:

1.5 miles

Trail is currently closed

The Skyspace walking trail is currently closed due to tree felling operations. Skyspace is still OPEN and access is via the forest road from the lower car park. Please note that we are still having problems with the lighting.

Skyspace in Kielder forest





"My work is not so much about my seeing as about your seeing. There is no-one between you and your experience”, James Turrell.

Visitors to the Skyspace will find themselves in a circular room where the artist manipulates our normal perceptions of light and space. In daylight hours, this chamber, illuminated only by natural light through the roof opening, is a contemplative space that focuses the visitor's attention on the sky. During the changing light conditions at dusk and dawn, the lighting system becomes active and visitors can expect to experience a rich and unforgetable display of tone and colour.

The longer forest walk to Skyspace is waymarked from Kielder Castle, the shorter route from the additional parking site is signposted off the C200. The walk is a long uphill section of forest road which has a loose stone surface. The walk from the castle is longer but includes a section of trail through the forest that reduces the time spent on the forest road. Visitors with a disabliity can obtain a key for vehicular access to Skyspace from Kielder Castle Visitor Centre, Anglers Arms or Kielder Post Office, Kielder for a £5 deposit. The artwork itself is fully accessible.

What do other visitors say?

5 Stars 5 Stars

WOW!! Fantastic experience even during daylight.

Love to see at night with "lighting" on.

Haunting echo!!

Brian+Linda, 4/Oct/2014
4 Stars 4 Stars

Anonymous, 30/Jan/2014

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What's Here?

  • Information
  • Arts
  • Skyspace artwork by James Turrell.
  • Parking
  • Car parks at Kielder Castle or off C200 at the foot of the forest road to Skyspace.
  • Trail (hard)
  • Steep gradients and narrow, stoned paths mark the first section in the forest after exiting Kielder village. The second half of the walk is a long uphill climb on forest road. The walk from Skyspace car park is on forest road all the way.
  • Viewpoint
  • Stunning panorama of Kielder Forest and reservoir from Skyspace
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