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Grade of Trail:

  • Moderate

Trail Waymarking:


Length of trail:

4.5 miles

Trail is currently open

short cuts are waymarked

'Place' on the Sculpture Trail, Forest of Dean

Since 1984 The Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust has raised funds to commission artists to celebrate and help us appreciate and understand the life of the forest.

The Sculpture Trust works in partnership with the Forestry Commission which maintains the sculptures and trail.

The sculptures are inspired by the forest - its trees, wildlife and industrial past.

They are mostly constructed from natural material from the Dean - wood, stone and iron. The sculptures are interspersed along the trail through majestic oaks and towering Scots pine trees

A Sculpture Trail leaflet, containing details of the sculptures for £1, is available at Beechenhurst Lodge from Forest of Dean Adventure.

Melissa's Swing (1986) and Observatory (1988) have been decommissioned and are no longer on the trail.  The Forestry Commission, in partnership with the Sculpture Trust, are currently working together to look at new installations for the trail.

Some of the Sculptures can be accessed with a power assisted wheelchair, please ring the the Forestry Comission, Tel 0300 067 4800, or e-mail using the link provided for further access information.




What do other visitors say?

How can you possibly get rid of Melissa's swing??? It was the best thing in the whole lot. How disappointing. It was wonderful., always had peoples interest and kids loved it. Really i think that is a mistake.

Anonymous, 4/Mar/2015

Sorry you miss Melissa's Swing, the tree was no longer safe for the Swing and with agreement with the artist it was removed. The Sculpture Trust have apolicy of removing those that are no longer suitable or safe etc. They have funding now for several new installations over the next two years, see their website for more details

Forestry Commission Response

The sculpture trail was fab everyone had an amazing Tim I would rate it as 5 stars the art/sculptures were sooooo cool my favorite was the stain glass window and the giants ........ Don't want to go I've it away. Thanks sculpture trail

millie, 27/Oct/2013
1 Star 1 Star

The sculptures were very disappointing but the worst thing was that the trail was so hard to follow. The leaflet which you charge ■1.50 for had no reference points on it so if you got lost it was almost impossible to work out where you were.

Debbie Christopher, 8/Oct/2013
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