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Visit to arboretum and Railway – based at Llanfaircaereinion

Visit to arboretum and railway. Llanfair Caereinion  A group of 20 or so met at the Arboretum called Arboretum Cae’r Afr – Goat Field Arboretum a short distance to the west of Llanfair caereinion for our picnic. We parked and had the impression that there was not much to offer and when we walked in through the gate the site opened up into a delightful spot – one that I hope to use again. It has been well thought out with a good variety of trees, plenty of woodland walks that we could not do justice to in the short time available and on top of that a lovely stretch of the river to enjoy.

Our Chairman Chris gave the official welcome and announcements after we had eaten before we all set off for the rail journey. There was plenty of parking available and we were soon settled into our coach for the trip to Welshpool. We were with some other holiday makers from the London area who were exploring this part of Wales and a local mother with her delightful child. There was lots of banter and chats between everybody on the trip.

At Welshpool we had a short break (too little time to walk into town but plenty to have gone to the nearby pub for a drink - I did not see anybody doing that of course) so we had a good look around the station and watched all the staff activity as they turned the engine and prepared it for the return journey.

We had a reserved carriage for this trip and it was possible to see plenty of wildlife (fallow doe were seen in the woods as we passed). When we finished the trip we were stood outside the carriage again watching the work going on when the mother we had done the first trip with came up to us and said that she had not enjoyed the return trip.

Apparently her daughter had nagged her all the way to go and sit with those lovely people they had shared the outward trip with. After a few jokes to cheer the mother and child we were off like rockets to the station caf to enjoy some tea/coffee and cakes. I must say that at all times the staff were very good and this helped us to have yet another good FCA day out.

Our thanks go to Ken & Margaret for organising the day.

Our members would also like to thank the delegates who represented us recently at the National AGM at Thetford and reported back.

Visit to arboretum and railway. Llanfair Caereinion  Visit to arboretum and railway. Llanfair Caereinion