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Research forests

General crop at Alice Holt ForestMeteorology station at Alice HoltDyfi catchment, Gwynedd, WalesCarbon flux station within the Straits enclosure at Alice HoltDyfi catchment, Gwynedd, Wales
Conduct studies in a known context, with access to the forest and 50 years’ historic scientific data

What are research forests?

Traditionally, most research undertaken by Forest Research has been in the forest, for example through field experimentation, monitoring and survey, or data gathering to support modelling.  These activities will remain essential in the future, but there is increasing interest in building studies across the disciplines in order to deliver outputs that are integrated and holistic.  An important mechanism for achieving this kind of research is to focus on specific study areas.

Research forests have been established in many countries to facilitate integrated study and provide a permanent ‘home’ for successive research projects. 


Map showing location of Research Forests Dyfi Catchment and Woodland Research Platform Alice Holt Forest

Why use a research forest?

Research forests have been designed to encourage the participation of all those interested in forestry research.  Application to work in these forests is particularly welcome from those in other research institutions and the university sector, both at home and abroad.

Further information

If you would like more details on the research forests or to discuss the possibility of carrying out research at them, please see the contact information on the respective locations pages above.

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The Research Forest project is managed within the Integrated Forest Monitoring research programme, funded by the Forestry Commission.