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Seed art

X-rays of Common juniper, Juniperus communis seedsX-ray of Common juniper, Juniperus communis seedsX-ray of Oriental spruce, Picea orientalis seedsX-ray of Korean pine, Pinus koraiensis seedX-ray of Common ash, Fraxinus excelsior seeds
“I think that the X-ray images of the ash fruits captured my imagination. Not only is there a great deal of useful scientific information, for instance, the insect larvae eating paths through the food reserves but there is a particular elegance to the winged fruits. And I guess that prompted the idea of seed X-ray images as art.”
Shelagh McCartan, Forest Research Seed Scientist

Scientists see their work as beautiful, and now so can you. Visit to browse and order from our collection of unique seed art.

About the seed art

Forest Research’s graphic designer, Anna Duckett, has created a unique collection of artistic images based on our sophisticated X-ray technology which is used in the course of scientific research regarding woodland establishment from seeds.

Formats available

Images are available to order as high quality prints in a range of formats, including postcards, posters, canvases and framed prints.

A scientific explanation of the seed used within the image is included for each piece, providing the chance to learn about seed biology whilst enjoying the creativity of the image and of science generally.

How to order

Visit to browse and order from the seed art collection.

Further reading

Learn more about the science of seeds.


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