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Research, products and services portfolio

Research and development

Open top chambers research facility for studying the affects of climate changeOur research, surveys and related scientific services address the social, economic and environmental components of sustainable forestry in a multifunctional landscape. We focus on providing new knowledge and practical solutions based on high quality science.

Our research provides understanding, policy advice and guidelines on implementation of best practice and includes:

  • Increasing biodiversity, landscape and recreational benefits of woodland
  • Protection of GB woodlands from pests and diseases
  • Genetic conservation and tree improvement
  • Method studies
  • Climate change impacts and environmental monitoring.

We conduct this research within individual, but often related programmes, for the Forestry Commission, European Union (EU) and other clients both in the UK and abroad. These programmes are grouped under a number of over-arching themes and encompass a broad range of scientific and technical disciplines.

We also work closely with the Forestry Commission, the EU Commission and other international organisations to ensure compliance with international agreements on the sustainable management of forests and related subjects.

Products and services

PG Suspension - a biological control agent for Heterobasidion annosumFrom our research and development programmes we have, and continue to, developed a broad portfolio of forestry related products and services, ranging from laboratory services to computer-based applications and models, including:

  • A wide selection of technical forestry and environmental publications
  • Consultancy, advisory and diagnostic services
  • Product and operational practice evaluations
  • Library and photographic services
  • Surveys and inventories
  • Technical support
  • Decision support tools.