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Technical services

Expertise and services

Forest Research provide technical and environmental expertise and services to scientists, woodland managers and land based industries including other sections of the Forestry Commission, in-house programmes and external organisations.

Our network of field stations gives us the capacity to conduct field work on a GB basis. It also provides:

  • Local contact and liaison between Forest Research and networks of regional Forestry Commission staff and partner organisations
  • Local knowledge and access to a full range of ecological habitats throughout the country.

Commercial service

Technical services
provide a fully integrated package incorporating:
  • Experiment planning and design
  • Site selection
  • Management
  • Assessments
  • Statistical analysis
  • Report production.

We also offer expert advice from specialists in a range of forestry and ecological disciplines.

For further information

Technical services within Forest Research is centred in the Technical Services Unit. Contact:

Dr. Hugh Williams