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Wharncliffe Woods steep terrain creates an ideal venue for both mountain biking and strenuous walking, without going to the Peak District. 

Wharncliffe has a rich post industrial history with many quarry workings hidden within the woods. Amongst the trees numerous streams meander down the hillside.

There are two walking trails in the wood, marked yellow and red. These are over rough terrain and can be wet under foot. The woodland contains some very challenging terrain both to walk and ride upon.

Please ensure if you are riding off road that you match the terrain to experience and equipment you have.

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What a shame; I was looking for a good sized woody walk not too far from Huddersfield. I saw Wharncliffe on the map, and it looked good, but having read these comments I think I'll give it a miss until the anti-social behaviour has been stopped. Anyone got a stinger?

Paul, 25/Jul/2014

In wharncliffe woods evening 21may,two youths on motor bikes,tearing round the trails and off road through bare woodland ,causing maximum disturbance to breeding populations of birds and mammals,something must be done,apart from massive disturbance to wildlife,it's an accident waiting to happen,can't be to hard for police to locate these people you can hear them from miles away!or is it the police are just not interested?regards ian lyth

Ian lythinho, 24/May/2014

Hi Ian, Thanks for your comment. It is a problem we are working on with the police. Please ensure you phone 101 every time you see them in the woods. It's a big help. Thanks.

Forestry Commission Response

I suffered a dangerous and unpleasant accident in Wharncliffe Woods on Saturday 10.5.14. I have no recollection of the incident having been knocked unconscious for several minutes during which my companion had to stop her horse from galloping off after mine (who'd dumped me as he'd spun to escape), dismount and lead her horse back to me, all the time calling my name and getting no response, then having to stop the group of quad bikers and motor bikers (illegally enjoying the woods) from running over me as I lay unconscious across the path (near the pylon, at the top of the hill and round the bend from where the group were charging towards us). My companion phoned for an ambulance and stopped the group from riding over me. One of them offered to take me (unconscious) somewhere for help on his quad (apparently ignorant/innocent that had he and his companions had caused the incident). The incident has been reported to the police. I was checked out at the Northern General Hospital (including ECG because I had been unconscious for a number of minutes; R1 call to the ambulance service) and sent home to take painkillers and monitor my condition. I had been enjoying my riding (as stated above) but this has had a very negative effect on me and on many liveries at the establishment where I ride (Mallard House Riding Centre) and on the owner thereof. I now reinforce my request (above) to have fuller details about rights and responsibilities in Wharncliffe Woods to be made plain somewhere. Thanks.

Heather McKay, 15/May/2014

Hi Heather. I trust someone has been in contact with you on this matter direct. For everyone else's benefit, we are working with the South Yorkshire Police to stop the unauthorised use of Wharncliffe Woods. We would ask that all users continue to report incidents on 101 and be aware that they may encounter this type of activity whilst using the woods.

Forestry Commission Response
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • Steep terrain ideal for downhill enthusiasts.
  • Horse riding
  • Enjoy the network of forest roads for long rides in the woods.
  • Parking
  • A free car park is located on Woodhead Road.
  • Picnic
  • Tranquil picnic spots throughout the wood.
  • Walking
  • Follow the red or yellow trail from the car park.
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Opening & Parking

A free car park is located on Woodhead Road.

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