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Wharncliffe Woods steep terrain creates an ideal venue for both mountain biking and strenuous walking, without going to the Peak District. 

Wharncliffe has a rich post industrial history with many quarry workings hidden within the woods. Amongst the trees numerous streams meander down the hillside.

There are two walking trails in the wood, marked yellow and red. These are over rough terrain and can be wet under foot. The woodland contains some very challenging terrain both to walk and ride upon.

Please ensure if you are riding off road that you match the terrain to experience and equipment you have.

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I've found it difficult to find out out to renew my horse-riding permit for Wharncliffe Woods anywhere on the Forestry Commission web site. And when I phoned the office in Pickering they were mystified by my query. It seems as if it does not matter anymore whether riders buy passes or not. I know many local riders do not bother. A clearer indication of requirements for horse riders would be helpful. I do have a Discovery Pass but that resides in my wallet, rather than on my saddle (as formerly). I still have the old one on my saddle. Thanks for the pleasant rides I enjoy. (You already have my email, I believe.)

Heather McKay, 6/Apr/2014

Hi Heather, thanks for getting in touch. Wharncliffe Woods is in Yorkshire but to complicate matters it is managed out of the Central District Office in Mansfield. I have passed your comment on to the right people so someone should be in touch with you on this matter. Hopefully an update to this web page will help in the future.

Forestry Commission Response
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Some quality trails here if you know where to go and how to link all the different sections together. Lots of variety and the gradient makes much more interesting than Sherwood Pines. Like other have said more than happy to volunteer to help maintain the trails. Motorbikes are getting in at the Deepcar end where a couple of fence posts have been smashed down. Most of the wood is surrounded by rivers or large walls. If the time could be spent blocking off the remaining places where they are getting in.

James, 4/Apr/2014
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Hi, I use these woods regularly as a mountain biker. I am very interested in helping to develop these woods as to make it as enjoyable, safe and sustainable for all users. I am willing to give up my own time during the week (voluntarily) to try and make this possible. As a mountain biker I would initially like to look at making the biking trails as fun and accessible for everyone, as well as rebuilding/resurfacing with proper drainage, extra signposting and more options for all riding levels to make them as safe and sustainable as possible as well. I have recently talked to a forestry worker in the woods and we had a great chat about the biking trails and stuff. But it would be great if we could organise a meeting and I could explain my plan for the area and what I believe could create a much higher quality experience for riders, walkers and horse riders in the wonderful area of nature that we have.

Anonymous, 22/Mar/2014
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What's Here?

  • Cycling
  • Steep terrain ideal for downhill enthusiasts.
  • Horse riding
  • Enjoy the network of forest roads for long rides in the woods.
  • Parking
  • A free car park is located on Woodhead Road.
  • Picnic
  • Tranquil picnic spots throughout the wood.
  • Walking
  • Follow the red or yellow trail from the car park.
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Opening & Parking

A free car park is located on Woodhead Road.

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